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Let's Begin the Journey!

Join me as I begin putting the pieces together on amazing stories from the Civil War. These dramas belong to our families, communities, and our future. Share my joys and frustrations as I begin my first journey down the path of writing these tales!

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my new site dedicated to rediscovering amazing tales from the Civil War, particularly in Kentucky and Indiana. I am currently working on two projects simultaneously, and for a new author, I'm not sure if that is a good thing or if it means I am crazy.

The first will unfold the drama of the Civil War in the area of Owensboro, Kentucky. The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion merely mention this action as "Skirmish at Owensborough." How this history was turned into a small footnote is a shame. This amazing story involves local Confederate guerrillas, local Federal recruits, and members of the Indiana Legion from across the Ohio River. It is a story that truly defines what a civil war is. It is full of passion and zeal for a cause, a race against time, and sealing the fate of a Kentucky county. All of this will be documented in Torn Asunder.

Lt. Col. Gabriel Netter, 15th Kentucky Cavalry

“ My prayer to the great Unknown "to let me die — if die I must on the battle field" — with my face turned towards my country's foes my last breath expending itself, in a devout kiss — to the blade drawn in defence of our noble & holy cause! ”

My second project is one that I have had laying around my house for almost six years, but for some reason, the thought of actually doing something with it just now came to me. I am the type of person that when an idea surfaces, I have to at least start it. Eventually, this will be a published diary with notes on the events and people mentioned, so the reader can better understand the story.

It is the story of John F. Locke of the 14th Tennessee Infantry, who served in the Eastern Theater from the Romney and Cheat Mountain campaigns, to his capture at the Battle of Falling Waters. Often times, John is a man of few words, but the stories of this group of men should be read and known. Names of his friends and comrades have probably not been gazed upon in decades. Descendants might actually be able to learn what happened to their ancestors and the hardships they faced. Typing this diary out has been a load of fun, but researching the details will be the challenge. I will be scouring the records of this regiment to rediscover the men who fought and died under its colors.

“We hear the roar of the cannons on the line that night. The pickets have a sharp skirmish with small arms.”

I hope you will join me in this endeavor. I will try to update with posts as I make breakthroughs in research, site visits, and narrative ideas, plus updates on the progress of each project. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @TornAsunderBook. Also, I will be using the hashtags #TornAsunder #TornAsunderBook #KentuckyConfederate #14thTenn #14TN


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