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Kentucky Battlefield Tours

It has been a while since I have updated anything here, so I figured I should get around to doing that! This past year has seen me get within three credit hours (one class) of finishing my MA in history at Western Kentucky University, which has eaten up so much of my free time. I plan on graduating this coming December after I finish one more class and pass my comprehensive exams. My work, teaching 8th graders about US History, has also kept me quite busy as things somewhat returned to normal after a year and a half of craziness. Any free time I had for blogging has been going on over at my other site, The Western Theater in the Civil War, which is much bigger and involves many more people!

One of the best things about my other site is that we have ventured into leading tours and hosting Western Theater centered events. This year has two! In June, I co-lead a two day tour of the Battle of Richmond, Kentucky. I covered the Confederate side of things, while my partner at WTCW, Darryl Smith, covered the Union. We did this last year in July for the first time and had a blast, so we decided to make it an annual thing. The event was FREE, so make sure you join us next year for some history and fellowship.

In October we are hosting our largest and most important event, the Symposium on the Field at Perryville. This is one I am really excited for. We are partnering with the Friends of Perryville Battlefield to bring you three days of touring. The main day will be Saturday with several two hour tours led by different guides. Each tour will focus on a different unit or portion of the battlefield. Like Richmond, this event is also free! Click the link below to see a full schedule and to RSVP!

In 2023, we are looking at hosting a Morgan Symposium, and maybe even venturing down into Tennessee. There are lots of ideas floating around, and we will be sure to announce those as soon as they are set in stone. Check the new wesbite often, and follow our Facebook page as well. We tend to announce everything on there, plus any other new blog posts and Western Theater updates. Check us out!

Also, as for the book, everything is still moving in the right direction, and as soon as we have a finalized cover and release date, I'll be sure to post it here. Especially when you can pre-order and get one (or two!) signed by me. Thanks for following along everyone!


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