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Project Updates!

Happy post Thanksgiving, and welcome to the Christmas season! I sincerely hope you had a wonderful few days with family and friends, and remembered what you are thankful for. I know am I am thankful for too many things to list here. During this Black Friday, I have decided to take a few minutes to update you on how things are moving along with both projects.

Project #1- Torn Asunder:

At the moment, Torn Asunder, is kind of at a stand still. Not for lack of enthusiasm, that is for sure! One major diary source for the Battle of Sutherland Hill/Panther Creek is two hours away from where I live in the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, Kentucky. Once I am able to make a day trip to their library, I will take advantage of their amazing reading rooms and dive into a mind from another century. I think it is kind of ironic that the journal source was written by a local Confederate, at this local battle, but is two hours away. Go figure.

I've also got some great books coming in that I plan on using to fine tune my telling of the Indiana Legion. I believe this will be an invaluable asset, once they get here. That is usually my luck when it comes to ordering books online. I will order a book on say, a Saturday, and my wife will order a book on a Monday. She always gets her books first, while I am stuck waiting like a puppy in a window for my book to show up.

Once these books come in, Torn Asunder, will take off like a rocket, and I can't wait to update you on the progress once it does. Now for project #2.

Project #2- Diary of a soldier from the 14th Tennessee Infantry

This project has been an absolute joy. There is something about spending a lot of time in the mind of another person, and finding yourself relating to their ups and downs. So far, this piece is over 40 pages in length, and I am only in January of 1863. I imagine that the diary by itself will be somewhere around 60 pages. Once I add in footnotes on the people and places that John interacts with, and then add in brief explanations to the events, I would say we are looking at a manuscript that is about 100 pages or so.

If you have ever read Diary of Confederate Soldier, by John Jackman (Soldier in the Kentucky Orphan Brigade) and edited by William C. Davis, that will give you a pretty good idea of the type of book we are looking at. The main difference is the writing styles of Jackman and the John of our story. John of the 14th Tennessee is a more faithful diarist, while Jackman seems to write just whenever he had the chance, and often times he goes months without writing. I would also like to add in more information on the 14th Tennessee and the men who fought in the regiment. I believe this story doesn't just tell John's story, but the story of the men he was with, and that is a valuable asset to anyone that wants to study the war at the level of the enlisted man.

So, here you are. A brief update on what is to come. If you haven't already, follow me on Instagram and Twitter! You can find me for both @TornAsunderBook. Plus, I am super excited at the number of you all who have already signed up for the mailing list! Thank you! Have a great rest of your Thanksgiving break!


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