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FINISHED! Well, Kind of...

Today was a day where I feel like I made some progress. I finally finished the typing and transcribing of the Diary of John F. Locke of the 14th Tennessee. For nearly a month I have been going back and forth between this diary and Torn Asunder. Am I crazy for deciding to work on two projects at the same time for my very first works as an "author"? Probably so. I think one reason why I have decided to do that is to always have something to make progress on. I can't stand it when I have a project, and it sits dormant for reasons outside of my control, and I have nothing else to do. When I am paused on one I can easily shift toward the other, and so far, it has been pretty fun.

So here is what's coming...For John's diary, I am going to begin the process of identifying all of the people he mentions, or as many as I possibly can. Oh by the way, this will be super interesting since John RARELY uses their actual names, and instead uses their initials. Honestly, might pull my hair out on that one. Also, I'll be doing some small write ups on the campaigns and battles that he participates in, some of the soldiering duties he does, and other things that will interest Civil War readers and help make the story of the diary make more sense.

Torn Asunder has been a blast this week. While looking up something for the diary, I accidentally stumbled on digitized newspapers from 1862. What a gold mine this was as it gave me so much more information and perspectives I hadn't seen for the Battle of Panther Creek. I also discovered the pension requests and widow requests of men that were killed and wounded in Owensboro. I've been able to find out the personal history of some of these men and I believe that this will make the true story of Torn Asunder even better.

So, that is the updates for this week. I plan on getting some good research in on Torn Asunder tonight, and hopefully this weekend. Don't forget, follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts (@tornasunderbook), and sign up for the mailing list. My Instagram account posts daily quotes from the diary or from Torn Asunder, and I know you will enjoy them!


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