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My Name is Derrick Lindow, and I am passionate about Civil War history, especially when it is about my home of Kentucky. If you are looking for unique stories from our past, or are looking for information on your Civil War ancestors that served in Kentucky regiments, then you are in the right place. 



I have a strong belief that Kentucky's role in the Civil War needs to be more accessible to people searching for answers, and for those of us who enjoy the stories and learning more about our past.

What you will find at Kentucky civil war

The Book

  • I am in the process of finishing my first book, currently titled Laid Low in the Dust. This work chronicles the summer campaign in western Kentucky by the 10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers, and the eventual undoing of their success after the events at Owensboro, Kentucky. Stay tuned for updates!

The Diaries

  • A couple side projects are the editing and annotating of two diaries. Both include adding extra information and context since many people are not Civil War experts.

  • One is that of John F. Locke of the 14th Tennessee Infantry. He was the ancestor of a former student of mine, and I have been researching the men he served with, and the battles he participated in.

  • The second is the diary of Samuel K. Cox of the 17th Kentucky Infantry. The 17th was a local regiment and you will see a lot of info on this group of men.

The Blog

  • One thing you can expect is a new blog post every Sunday evening. Depending on life circumstances, they may not be posted until the late hours of Sunday, but I strive to make sure it is available to be read on Monday mornings.

  • Each blog post has a connection to Kentucky Civil War history, the book, or the diaries. You might be wondering how the 71st Ohio has a Kentucky connection, and they are an example of a book association.  

Sample Blog Posts

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In the near future, the Kentucky Regiments section of the page will be live. I am hoping to add as much information on every single Kentucky regiment, Union and Confederate, in one place for people to access. Every mention in the Official Records, Muster Rolls, correspondence, images, personal letters, and newspaper articles. This will take some time, and will be completed little by little. If you have information that would help someone trying to learn about Kentucky soldiers, please consider sharing!

If you need assistance in finding information on your Kentucky Civil War ancestor, I am always eager to do what I can to help. Finding what we need cannot be guaranteed, but I will do what I can to aid in your search.

If you are in need of a speaker, click on the Contact tab for contact information.


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