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A Week of Snow is a Week to Write

It has been a snowy week. Being a teacher in Kentucky has meant that I have been off from school for the past six school days. It hit Friday morning of last week, and then kept coming throughout the next few days, and is finally beginning to thaw out. Even though we will make these days up in May, it was quite nice to be home with my family and relax and get in some writing. I have been able to push the manuscript to 65 Word document pages, and about 16,000 words. Manuscript wise, it is probably 40% completed, but I have finished the most important aspects of the narrative. So, here are some updates:

I finally completed the sections that deal exclusively with with the fight at Sutherland's Hill. This was going to be the most important part of the story, and to finally have it done is a relief in a way. I thoroughly enjoyed writing about the battle, and as I read source material that describes the actions and words said by those that were there and combined all of that material into one flowing story, I couldn't help but get excited. When you read some of this, you might just feel your blood get going as mine did!

I visited Sutherland's Hill while it was covered in snow. It was the perfect timing as the sun was setting behind it, and I snapped a few pictures and explained to my wife the events that happened there. We had gone to a movie, and she didn't know that she was going to get a free history lesson!

Today, I visited the site of Ashbyburg, where the 10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers crossed and encamped the night of the battle at Sutherland's Hill. The next day they were attacked and used the entrenchments dug by the Federals the previous winter. Not much to see, as the hill is now covered in lots of vegetation and small houses. If there are any remnants of the rifle pits, they are probably very scant.

Somewhere up on that hill, lay the rifle pits.

With the Diary of John F. Locke, I've decided that I will release that in an electronic format for free once it is fully complete. The transcribing is finished, but the editing and notes still need to be added. I will give that my full focus once I am finished with my main project. So be sure to stay tuned for that release!

If you follow my Instagram account @tornasunderbook, you have probably noticed that I have been posting quite a few pictures of flags that belonged to Kentucky units that fought at Shiloh. The Kentucky Historical Society has a number of Kentucky flags from the war, some in not so good shape, but they are amazing to look at. Anyway my third project, after the Locke Diary, will be a comprehensive study of Kentuckians at the Battle of Shiloh. I have always believed that Kentucky's role in the battle has been underscored by many accounts, but hopefully this will give those brave boys the credit they deserve.

Until next time, be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and please share this project with your friends! Knowing that I have people waiting for this has given me a huge dose of motivation to keep going! Stay warm!


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